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Case Analytics

Case Analytics empowers researchers to understand critical language in context.

  • Exclusive access to original case scans from Harvard Law School.
  • Page-by-page analysis shows language from every case that cites an individual page.
  • Highlight, annotate and tag material relevant to your matter for later review.

Search Visualization

Visualize the law to rapidly assess a legal landscape.

  • Search with natural language or advanced terms.
  • Sort results by relevance or by court.
  • View details of an opinion inline with the context of its authorities and citations.

Judge Analytics

Discover patterns in the way judges think, write and rule.

  • View opinions, analytics and biographic information for every member of the judiciary.
  • Filter material based on the matters of your case.
  • Dive into specific language to characterize the posture of judges you need to work with.

Court Analytics

Understand the language, statistics and caselaw that make each court unique.

  • Compare forums by their rulings on 100 motion types.
  • Identify a court's key caselaw and commonly referenced language.
  • Explore courts and make comparisons by legal topic.

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