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Firm Analytics

The latest tool from Ravel provides visibility into the performance and experience of over 400 U.S. law firms.

Study Your Practice

Analyze your firm's experience by topic, motion, court and judge.

Research the Competition

See opposing counsel's experience by judge, topic, court and motion.

Win New Business

Showcase your experience using real data and beautiful graphics.

Court Analytics

Understand the language and caselaw that makes each court unique.

Compare Forums

Compare courts by the cases they've handled and their motion grant rates.

Assess Precedent

Identify key caselaw, specific language, and influential judges.

Objective Analytics

Use data to draft better briefs, respond to RFPs, and quickly assess cases.

Judge Analytics

Gain insight into how judges think, write, and rule.

Motion Analytics

Review grant rate stats for 100 motion types, and customize by topic.

Language Analytics

Learn the cases and specific language a judge commonly cites and prefers.

Data-Driven Strategy

Predict outcomes, compare judges, and use data to inform strategy.

Case Analytics

Read cases with data-driven analytics showing how each page is cited.

Page-by-Page Analysis

Page-by-page analysis shows language from every case that cites an individual page.

Augmented Reading

Make notes, highlight text, and copy language — with or without the citation. 

Open Access

Ravel’s free Open plan gives you seven days of free access to Case Analytics.

Search Visualization

Quickly find the most relevant cases and uncover cases overlooked in traditional lists.


Search all federal and state caselaw.


Quickly identify landmark cases and find results overlooked in conventional tools.


Search visualization is up to 10x faster than traditional research tools.