Get to know the most powerful suite of legal research and analysis tools on the market.

Firm Analytics

The latest tool from Ravel provides visibility into the performance and experience of over 400 U.S. law firms.

Study Your Practice

For the first time ever Ravel is creating a window into the performance and experience of entire law firms. Study yours inside and out.

Research the Competition

Use Firm Analytics to develop an understanding of opposing counsels performance in various areas of law and across different jurisdictions.

Win New Business

Leverage the power of data science to put your firm's best foot forward when pursuing new business. Present powerful graphics demonstrating your track record.

Court Analytics

Understand the language and caselaw that makes each court unique

Compare Forums

Gain powerful and unprecedented insight into the caselaw of state and federal courts.

Assess Outcomes

Identify critical caselaw, commonly referenced language and influential judges for over 400 courts.

Objective Analytics

Attorneys supported by Ravel’s artificial intelligence can make data-driven decisions crafting briefs, responding to RFPs and performing fast and effective case assessment.

Judge Analytics

Understand the language and caselaw that makes each court unique

Judge Dashboards

Ravel’s comprehensive collection of U.S. caselaw is created in collaboration with Harvard Law School. Our copyright compliant caselaw collection includes all published federal and 
state cases.

Specific Language

RDS provides advanced software tools in a cloud infrastructure for users to customize datasets. RDS helps researchers 
and firms meet the technical challenges of handling massive amounts 
of legal data.

Litigation Strategy

Ravel’s sophisticated algorithms can identify parties, judges, citations, and more. The RDS infrastructure can turbocharge your knowledge management and research needs.

Case Analytics

Understand the language and caselaw that makes each court unique

Page-by-Page Analysis

Spot trends in the Opinion History — a window into how often your case has been cited. Use Ravel’s pioneering page-by-page citation analytics to find the specific language interpreting every aspect of the case.

Interactive Reading

In Ravel, the case is your workspace. Make notes, highlight text, and copy language — with or without the citation. Easily generate reports, and lists to share and have on-the-go.

Open Access

Signing up for Ravel’s free Open plan gives you 7-day's of free access to Case Analytics.

Research Tools

Research with confidence . Find the most relevant cases and uncover buried connections.

Harvard Content

We're collaborating with Harvard Law School to make American caselaw open and free. Learn more about freeing the law.

Search Visualization

Using our free search and visualization technology, quickly identify landmark cases and find results overlooked in conventional tools.

Free to Try

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