A collection of our media appearances and awards.


Recent Awards

Start/Stop Poll: Best New Product

Ravel was the first entrant to win Dewey B. Strategic's best new product award two years in a row.
March 30, 2017

New Product of the Year 2016

Ravel Judge Analytics was named New Product of the Year for 2016 by the American Association of Law Librarians
April 26, 2016

Legal Innovators Award

For the second time, Ravel was granted The Recorder's, "Legal Innovators", award.
December 7, 2015

More News

Ravel Law unveils new tool that measures law firm success

"Law firms are compared directly in tables that rank the number of cases argued and percentages of wins, successful motions to dismiss and summary judgment findings."

Cool Vendors in AI for Legal Affairs, 2017

Ravel featured as one of Gartner's cool vendors in legal AI for 2017.

Merrick Garland Has A Higher "Scalia Score" Than Neil Gorsuch

Ravel calculated Scalia scores for all 21 judges that Trump listed as his potential Supreme Court nominees. Gorsuch bested them all, which Ravel noted in a blog is an indication of his 'ideology and conservative bonafides.'"

Data scientists say Obama’s spurned SCOTUS pick was actually more Scalia-like than Neil Gorsuch

"according to the scientists at Ravel Law, a legal analytics startup, who crunched the numbers on all of their judicial decisions."

How Big Data Is Disrupting Law Firms And The Legal Profession

"Established in 2012 by two lawyers with backgrounds in analytics, they provide services designed to help legal professionals draw insights and connections using advanced analytical algorithms."

Most Influential Judges On Trump’s Supreme Court Short List

"Legal analytics firm Ravel Law has created an influence score for each member of Trump’s short list and ranked them by their relative reach and impact among their fellow judges."

Data Tools Offer Hints at How Judges Might Rule

Lawyers looking for an edge in court are increasingly turning to hard data to predict how judges might rule, in some cases long before the judges put pen to paper."

Harvard Is Digitizing Nearly 40 Million Pages Of Case Law So You Can Access It Online And For Free

How open data helps citizens to know the law

How AI and Crodsourcing are Remaking the Legal Profession

Here's the evidence that suggests Obama's Supreme Court pick isn't really that liberal

Merrick Garland’s instinct for the middle could put him in the court’s most influential spot

"He ranked in the top 10 percent of judges appointed in 1997 or after in a measure of both the quantity and quality of their work, according to an analysis by Ravel Law."

With machine learning, S.F. startup aims to help attorneys remove mystique from judges' decisions

"Using machine learning techniques, Ravel Law is aiming to redefine the practice of law by eliminating hours of taxing manual research."

Harvard Law Library Readies Trove of Decisions for Digital Age

With Judge Analytics, Ravel Law Starts To Judge The Judges

"Ravel Law hopes to bring some big data magic to the courtroom, and perhaps improve our justice system along the way."

A New Way to Look at Law, With Data Viz and Machine Learning

"Using data visualization, language analysis, and machine learning, the Stanford Law grads are aiming to reinvent legal research–and perhaps give young lawyers a deeper understanding of their field in the process."

Visual law services are worth a thousand words--and big money

Ravel Law raises $8M to help lawyers gather data — and cut costs — in a new way (exclusive)