The Raveler
May 16, 2017

Judging Magistrate and Bankruptcy Judges

Starting today, Ravel’s Judge Analytics now covers magistrate and bankruptcy judges. We are proud to be the first to offer data analytics about these judges, providing unique new insights into how and why they’ve ruled.

In just the past six months, we have expanded our Judge Analytics to cover all federal judges, all state appellate judges, and now magistrate and bankruptcy judges. This extensive and deep data analytics coverage of both federal and state judges is unparalleled. Our rapid expansion is made possible by our extraordinary team of engineers, data scientists, and lawyers, and the best-in-class data processing engine and algorithms at the core of our application.

The analytics and insights we offer for these judges is more robust than ever. Powered by natural language processing, machine learning, and data science, Ravel’s Judge Analytics enable lawyers to research judges in dramatically faster, more effective ways than conventional tools allow. For example, lawyers can instantly sort through an individual judge’s decisions to find those that deal only with certain types of motions or topics or have a particular outcome. At the same time, Ravel’s pattern-spotting technology identifies the language a judge has used in the past, as well as the other judges they find influential and the cases and courts they consider most important.

With these tools, lawyers are drafting better arguments, making better client pitches, avoiding nasty surprises, and saving hours of research time. Contact us to learn more about Judge Analytics and how it is being used by many of the country’s leading lawyers and firms.

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