The Raveler
May 16, 2017

Introducing Motion Analytics

What are the odds of winning a motion to dismiss in the Southern District of New York? The answer to this question can inform a legal strategy -- it could even make or break a case. And, starting today, that information is now available at your fingertips with Ravel’s new Motion Analytics. This innovative feature provides intelligence about how judges and courts rule, and lawyers are already exploiting new insights as they craft strategy and pitch clients. They can even answer questions that were previously unanswerable, such as how often a particular judge might grant a particular motion.

Join us on Wednesday, March 14, for a webinar where we’ll dive into data-driven research and explore the surprising intelligence that Motion Analytics reveals. Ravel CEO Daniel Lewis will show you how to take advantage of this information in high-value ways, and data scientist Mark Myslin will provide an overview about how we built this system. Spots are limited, so register today!

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