Daniel Lewis
May 22, 2017

Introducing: Firm Analytics

We’re excited to introduce the next advancement in our analytics platform: Firm Analytics. Firm Analytics provides exceptional new capabilities for business and competitive intelligence, offering unparalleled depth and sophistication for understanding law firm litigation activity.

Using Firm Analytics, firms can now fully understand and leverage their litigation experience, quantify their track record, and compare their performance to that of competitors. Firm Analytics will help win new clients, and win more business from existing clients.

For in-house counsel, Firm Analytics offers unique new data and an unprecedented view into the experience and performance of firms, as well as rankings across key variables including case, judge, and venue experience, as well as motion win rates.

Firm Analytics provides the ability to:

  • Understand a firm’s litigation history by case type, venue, motion win rate, and judge
  • Rank and compare firms by their motion win rate and experience in specific venues and practice areas
  • Identify trends in firm rankings, case types, and court volumes
  • Create custom comparisons and reports using an array of variables

In developing Firm Analytics we worked closely with our customers and Advisory Board, and we want to thank the members of that board: Jean O’Grady (DLA Piper), Steve Lastres (Debevoise), Marlene Gebauer (Greenberg Traurig), and Patricia Barbone (Hughes Hubbard). These industry leaders helped us understand the importance of great competitive intelligence and focused us on the highest value features and use cases.

Powered by our cutting-edge machine learning technology and unsurpassed caselaw collection from Harvard Law School, Ravel’s pace of innovation is accelerating. Firm Analytics is now our fourth major launch in the past year – following the highly successful introductions of Judge Analytics 2.0, Court Analytics, and Motion Analytics.

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