Daniel Lewis
May 17, 2017

California Case Law Now Live

We just took a big step forward in making the law freely and easily available.

Starting today, as part of the Harvard-Ravel digitization project, the comprehensive, authoritative collection ofCalifornia case law is available online at Ravel. For the first time, anyone can search and read all California court opinions for free, including landmark rulings on every topic, from same-sex marriage (In re Marriage Cases, 2008) to separation of powers (Houston v. Williams, 1859). Each case is accompanied by a high-quality scan of the original book in which it was published, providing an authentic version that can not be found anywhere else but Ravel.

For lawyers, law students, academics and the general public, this is an extraordinary resource that was previously out of reach to many.

California’s court opinions are a critical part of our country’s legal “operating system,” yet until today these rulings have been locked behind expensive paywalls and printed in books available only to a limited few. Ravel now makes this vast legal database available to everyone, along with powerful tools to sift through it.

We’re incorporating Harvard’s case law collection into the rest of our platform as well. For professionals who subscribe to our suite of analytical tools, you’ll soon find California state judges as part of our Judge Analytics feature and will be able to explore in powerful detail how these judges make decisions.

There is enormous pent-up demand for access to the law. Since we announced our collaboration with Harvard our web traffic has gone through the roof, with more than 200% month-over-month growth in users and a 160% increase in page views. We expect these numbers to continue to rise as more case law comes online, more people learn about this resource, and more professionals turn to data-driven insights to develop legal strategy.

With this expanded, comprehensive body of case law, we’re excited to scale in new ways. Stay tuned for details to come.

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